Senior Adult Ministry

This ministry provides information, education, and services to those in our parish age 65 and over. Services and topics include community programs for seniors, help with technology, driving assistance, living assistance, home visits, home maintenance, etc.

  • Events & Trips
    • Coffee & Conversation – This reoccurring event is a one-and-a-half-hour casual gathering in the downstairs classrooms held the first Friday of the month. Seniors gather around round tables, enjoy tasty snacks, coffee and visiting with old friends and making new ones.
    • Past events and trips
      • Wine and cheese party
      • Fall picnic
      • Tour of Bicentennial Mall Park
  • Educational Series
  • Keeping a Connection
    • Our group send a memorial gift to the immediate family members for the loss of a Senior Adult Ministry participant.
    • A group with the Senior Adult Ministry sends cards to those with the ministry experiencing an illness, loss, hardship, or celebration.
    • St. Paul’s Seniors Private Facebook Group if interested in being invited into the group email Bruce Gibson at