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The Essential 100 Bible Verses

How are you going to take up the E100?

The E100 is an invitation to read 100 of the most essential texts of the Bible. Together, these scriptures tell the big picture of the Bible. St. Paul’s will spend 10 weeks this Fall reading through the Old Testament, and then 10 weeks on the New Testament being in January.

Read or listen to the E100. Follow the bookmark shared below as it outlines the reading schedule. You can also listen to it through the St. Paul’s website or through any podcast software (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, or Podcast News). If you choose to listen through the St. Paul’s website, visit the sermons tab and filter by speaker. Set the speaker to E100 and the series will populate for you to begin listening.


We invite you to Read, Gather, and Share. Here are some suggestions and opportunities for this fall. Feel free to think of this as your “Bible reading pledge card” you can fill out and keep.

  • READ. (circle one or more). I intend to:
    • Read my Bible each day at _________ a.m./p.m.
    • Listen to our St. Paul’s Lectors offering the daily readings, accessible on our website and social media
    • Read on my favorite Bible app each day at __________a.m./p.m.
    • Read my myself/with a friend/with my family
    • Use the E100 Challenge Companion Book to help me reflect and journal
  • GATHER. (circle one or more). I intend to gather with my church family:
    • Weekdays at 9:50 a.m. or 5:15 p.m. for 10 minutes of Bible and prayer (on Zoom)
    • On Saturdays at 4 p.m. with David Rowe to share reflections and discoveries from the scriptures (on Zoom)
    • On Sundays during the Christian Education hour (Adult/Youth) (on Zoom)
    • At Sunday Night Live (Youth)
    • Through an online discussion group on the YouVersion Bible app
  • SHARE. (circle one or more). I intend to share:
    • In person, with friends and family over coffee, a meal, a walk, bike ride, etc.
    • On social media, by liking and sharing the daily scripture posts from St. Paul’s Facebook and Instagram pages
    • Get creative!

Click here to purchase a companion guide.

Click here to download St. Paul’s E100 companion bookmark with all verses listed. The bookmark outlines the reading schedule for this Fall, as well as a simple five step process for engaging with Scripture.