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Support Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous

Location: St. Andrew’s Chapel | Time: 7 p.m., Daily

AA is an international fellowship for those who’ve had a drinking problem. Membership is open to anyone.

Cancer Support Group

Location: [place] | Time: [hour & day]

The Cancer Support Group is a confidential gathering of persons whose lives are affected by cancer. The weekly meetings allow each participant—whether recently diagnosed and in treatment for cancer, surviving cancer, or caring for a loved one with cancer—the option to speak candidly of “where they are” and of how his or her life is affected by illness as others attending listen non-judgmentally. Following this time of sharing, we read aloud together from some book chosen as our current focus and which provides the vehicle for us to speak of the spiritual, emotional, and physical issues we may be experiencing or have experienced. Each session ends with a prayer for those attending. Participation is open to parishioners and non-parishioners alike.

Contact: [name, email, phone]

Grief Support Group

We offer regular bereavement functions, providing an opportunity for bereaved adults to meet with others who understand loss and learn more about helping themselves.

Contact: Jerry Redditt or Jack McElwain