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Stan & Laney Golden

Our Anchor, Home, and Family

We have been at St. Paul’s for 50 years now, so St. Paul’s has been an anchor for us…our other home and family. Over this time, St. Paul’s has been woven throughout the fabric of our daily and weekly activities, as a constant ingredient in defining who we are and what we do. We also think of St. Paul’s as an important connection to God and our fellow Christians, and we are grateful. Thank you for walking with us on our spiritual journeys together.

Laney: I have especially good memories of the “growth spurts” when we expanded St. Paul’s physical facilities over the years, including remodeling the original church and parish hall (around 1973-74), buying and re-purposing Ferguson Hall, acquiring St. Margaret’s Hall and the Wall building, and construction of the new nave and the parish hall. There’s been a lot of change in our campus over the years, and it was always a thrill to see these visual confirmations of St. Paul’s growth.

Stan: When I think way back, in the early ’70s, I have especially good memories of worship services centered on music performed by St. Paul’s Singers, led by Father Franklin Ferguson. There was such vitality to it! It was a time when our nation was experiencing an explosion of change, when things were new and different, challenging the traditions of the past, even in music and worship. St. Paul’s Singers seemed to be able to help us accomplish these transitions while preserving the spirituality that had been in our tradition all along. It’s great that the St. Paul’s archives still have copies of the music they sang and a copy of the recording they made!

Stan: My favorite ministry at St. Paul’s right now is serving on the Archives Committee. We are fortunate that a lot of documents and photos have been preserved over the years, and the Archives committee is continuously adding to these records. We’re also digitizing many of them, so they are preserved in both electronic and printed form. It’s fun for me to see these items and pause to reflect on them and the parishioners who were associated with them. It also gives me a “grounded” feeling as I think of the countless ways St. Paul’s has been part of our lives. The continuity of St. Paul’s presence in us is so comforting.

Laney: I’d have to say that coordinating the quarterly Senior Luncheons has been especially meaningful and enjoyable for me. I served on that committee for about 12 years, I believe, and chaired it for six, though I have passed this along to a younger parishioner. Enjoying fellowship with this group in our church has been delightful and has allowed me to really get to know so many exciting and fun people. It’s an excellent opportunity for Seniors to get together for fun, food, and fellowship, and simply rejoice at the celebration of one another, especially those with current birthdays. It’s an excellent way for people from all three worship services to see one another in a smaller, casual, and social setting. And now I’m one of the participants in this group as a 70+ honoree!

There are many reasons we give to St. Paul’s. Most importantly, we remember that everything we have really comes from God, whom we love. And we are expected to give some back to Him and His work. It’s that simple. So, if we want God’s work to continue through St. Paul’s, we need to support it—through our time, our money, our abilities, and our prayers. All are necessary if we want the church to thrive and grow. All healthy relationships, whether our marriage, our friendships, our family kinships, or our relationship to God, involve some amount of reciprocity.

As we think about our family’s stewardship plans each year, we remind ourselves that we need to do our part at St. Paul’s, though we can’t do everything all the way, all the time. But at any point in time, we can do some things through our time, our money, our abilities, and our prayers. It’s good to know that St. Paul’s provides so many ways for us to give back to God. We pray that He smiles on us as we do His work.

  • WORSHIP—11 a.m. service
  • SERVE—Vestry (4 terms), Archives, Food Ministry, VBS, ECW, Shepherds, Usher, Sunday School Teacher, Delegates to Diocesan Convention, church office volunteers, and others, at the parish and diocesan levels
  • GIVE—We give because everything we have really comes from God, and we are expected to give back to Him and His work, with love and gratitude.

“Fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.”
Isaiah 41:10 RSV

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