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Molly & Steve Poleskey

St. Paul’s is our spiritual refuge and home. It’s also an essential part of our community within Murfreesboro.

We moved to Murfreesboro in August 2016. During our first service, someone invited us to the back-to-school picnic that was happening the next Saturday. Not wanting to deprive our son of a bouncy house opportunity, we came and were amazed by how many people made a point to welcome us and invite us to other family events happening at the church. We’ve been loyal St. Paul’s members ever since and continue to build on the relationship seeds we sowed that day.

We’re regulars at the Sunday morning Parents Education Group and have found this to be a great way to connect with other St. Paul’s members actively enduring the highs and lows of parenting. Colin, Kris, and all the other leaders do a great job balancing deeper spiritual exploration, practical parenting ideas, and general community-building.

We give because St. Paul’s is an integral part of Murfreesboro and our life. We want to support its work and continued growth.

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