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Lauren & Keith Gamble

We have made St. Paul’s our new church home in Murfreesboro. We value the love and support that St. Paul’s provides within the congregation and to the surrounding community.

We recently purchased a historic home near the battlefield that was used as a Union field hospital during the Civil War. Our son John’s room even has blood stains that remain on the hardwood floor. We had the great benefit of a home blessing from Father Colin. This simple ceremony provides a room-by-room message of love and support. John’s room got an extra sprinkling of holy water from Father Colin, and so far no ghosts have appeared. We highly recommend it!

Daphne and John benefit greatly from the many wonderful activities and supportive teachers in the children’s ministry where Lauren is a group leader at Vacation Bible School. During our car trip to Chicago this summer we listened to and sang together the VBS songs a half dozen times each. We value the fact that these messages of Christ’s love in our children’s ministry resonate with our children.

We are thankful that we can support the many activities financially and people of St. Paul’s, which enrich our lives and our community. We plan our financial gift for the year and make it an automatic payment each month.

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