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“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day’s trouble be sufficient for the day.” Matthew 6:34 RSV

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Larry & Susan Foulk

A Centering Presence in Our Lives

Upon moving to middle Tennessee from Virginia nearly five years ago, our family began attending St. Paul’s. This welcoming and lively church family has been a “centering” presence in our lives. St. Paul’s truly seeks to be the body of Christ in the world.

The wholesome, liturgically inspired message of humanity’s holiness is articulated so beautifully through St. Paul’s ministries. The children are invited to take an active role in church life. Our three have read scripture during the service, played roles in the Christmas pageant, served as acolytes, assisted in Children’s Church, attended and/or volunteered for VBS, been part of the meal prep and clean-up crews, folded and stuffed mailings, and made the Civil Rights Pilgrimage. As parents, nothing makes us feel a greater sense of belonging than experiencing the nature of the church’s loving embrace of our children. Special worship services, such as the Rite 13 service and the Liturgy of the Light clearly demonstrate St. Paul’s commitment to the formative years of our children’s lives.

St. Paul’s also presents families with opportunities to serve the broader community. Our girls were thrilled to see that we did not leave the Angel Tree project back in Virginia! This Advent season project is alive and well and serving families in need in Murfreesboro, TN, through our own St. Paul’s. Whether serving meals to the homeless at Journey Home, dropping off supplies for Coldest Nights, gathering our extra Christmas cards for those without, donating items for Undie Sunday (another familiar project from our former parish!), or collecting coins in our blue United Thank Offering boxes, we can serve alongside our children and discuss what it means to spread God’s love by actually reaching out to the world beyond ourselves.

St. Paul’s is welcoming and alive! From Children’s Church and catechesis programming to outreach ministries, all are invited to attend, learn, and serve. St. Paul’s understands how important it is to invite all its members to be the body of Christ to others, and for this our family is most grateful.

  • WORSHIP—8:30 a.m. service
  • SERVE—VBS, Angel Tree, Coldest Nights, Journey Home, Undie Sunday, Acolytes, Civil Rights pilgrimage
  • GIVE—We give because of the vital ministries and outreach at St. Paul’s.