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Hank & Janet Mills

A Place of Love & Comfort

We got married 51 years ago and bounced through several denominations for the bulk of our married life. When we happened upon St. Paul’s, we knew that after all these years we were finally home. That’s what St. Paul’s means to us: a place of love and comfort and opportunities to serve.

We have fond memories of Pilgrimage and found it so informative and motivating that we attended a second time. After joining St. Paul’s, we attended Cursillo, which was an incredible growth experience for both of us.

Our involvement in the Death Row Ministry has been a profound experience. This ministry is about establishing relationships and “filling holes” in disconnected lives. What began as Hank’s relationship with one inmate (Jessie) has grown to involve other Death Row inmates as well. Through phone calls and letters, it has become a family affair, and Janet will soon begin her visits with Jessie.

This ministry has taken us on a very unexpected journey that began with Billy’s execution in Tennessee. He was a Lakota Indian. In May of this year, we traveled to the Crazy Horse Memorial in the Black Hills of South Dakota, lands which are sacred to the Lakota. It was there that we spread Billy’s ashes. While there we learned of a phenomenal summer program hosted by the Crazy Horse Foundation for Native American high school graduates. We were so impressed that we returned in August to award the Stoney-Mills scholarship to a young Lakota (Jevon Hacker) who is beginning his college education. The scholarship is given to honor the work of Milton Stonebarger (Janet’s father) who, as an Episcopal Lay Reader, served the members of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Reservation in South Dakota for many years. We intend to help Jevon reach his life goals – a chance Billy never had. Who could have imagined such a journey, from Tennessee to South Dakota, from the death of one Lakota to a bright future for another?

Hank is also involved with Senior Adult Ministry Men’s Group and serves a Lector. Janet is involved with the Women’s group, 4th Day Cursillo, and Coldest Nights.

Why do we give to St. Paul’s? We give because through its thoughtful programs of in-reach and outreach, we are afforded the opportunities to be taken on journeys of service, both the expected and those which are most improbable.

  • WORSHIP—11 a.m. service
  • SERVE—Pilgrimage, Death Row Ministry, Lector, Women’s Group, Cursillo, Coldest Nights
  • GIVE—We give because of St. Paul’s important in-reach and outreach programs.
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