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Sermons by “The Rev. Dr. Kristine Blaess”

Look Up

God’s glory and healing are around us all the time. Jesus invites us to look up and see his work in our lives, and to respond with our gratitude.

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The God-Shaped Hole

Nothing and no-one but God can fill the God-shaped hole that is at the center of our being. When we let God re-orient our loves away from secondary things and toward our Lord Jesus Christ, that hole is filled and we are graced with freedom and contentment.

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The Curious Case of the Dishonest Manager

God loves us so much that he wants us to lives that are free and joyful. He gives us spiritual practices that help us experience more freedom and joy.

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Flourishing as a Witness in the World

A healthy, flourishing Christian community is a powerful witness to our world that yearns for healing. What is it like for us to live into it?

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New Life Rises After the Fires

Kristine explores how God brings hope, new vision, and new life through the events in our life that shake us.

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When Waiting Gives Way to Joy

Waiting can be difficult. But it also often deepens our faith as we see God at work. In this sermon, Kristine explores the connection between waiting, hope, and joy.

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