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Sermons on “Romans”

E100 New Testament: Week 17, Day 81

More than Conquerors – Romans 8:1-39

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On reciprocal wounds and the call to wholeness

Without all of us being whole, none of us are whole. When we are disconnected from ourselves or from other people, there is a wound. Writer Wendell Berry gives the insight that actually it is two wounds, reciprocal wounds that are the record of how the severed parts once fit together. This is true of our personal lives, of our family lives, of our community life, and of our national life.

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Putting on the Armor of Light

St. Paul bids us to put on the armor of light, which is the victory of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is urgency to this moment, because the night is far gone and the day is near.

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Funeral Homily for Dottie McClung

Our Christian hope in the face of death and suffering. (Romans 8:14-18, 34-35, 37-39)

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