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Sermons on “Psalms”

Beloved Dust

Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return. This is the Word that is set before us, that is actually marked on our foreheads, every Ash Wednesday. It’s a Word we need to hear, as we are reminded that our birthright as humans is death. But, that is only the first part of the story…

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Describing Ourselves as Dust

We can describe ourselves in all types of ways. As we begin our Lenten journey on Ash Wednesday we describe ourselves as dust. Why?

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From Intimidation to Adoration

Earthly authorities frequently compel their subject to loyalty and respect by fear and coercion. Today we unpack how God embraces us in His pure benevolence and discover Jesus’ transfiguration.

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Don’t Try to Impress Me

In Psalm 50, people try to impress God, hoping for His blessing in return. Yet God is not impressed by what we bring to Him. Instead of trying to impress God, what He desires is a “sacrifice of thanksgiving.”

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What does true repentance look like? It is much more than saying you are sorry. Psalm 51 gives us an example of repentance. (Psalm 51)

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