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Sermons on “Mark”

E100 New Testament: Week 13, Day 64

Healing a Demon-Possessed Man – Mark 5:1-20

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Becoming Citizens of God’s Kingdom

Here is the glorious news: Because God has rescued us from darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of his Son, we are people through whom power is perfected in weakness, wisdom in the foolishness of the cross, glory in humility. We are free to serve the people around us. We are free to serve the people in our country. We are free to serve without being swept up in efforts to wield power.

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Ground Work

John the Baptist calls us to return. The reworking of our lives and the reworking of this creation is a painstaking process. It is slow, and deliberate, and careful, and patient work. And God is even now bit by bit and hour by hour, through the power of his Holy Spirit, remaking us.

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The Advent Promise

It is easy to be lulled to sleep by the assumption that the way the world is now is the way it will always be. “Not so!” says Jesus. “Keep awake, the Son of Man is coming soon.”

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See These Stones?

Jesus upsets his disciples’ views of the world as they understand it. That which the disciples had known as foundational and stability gets turned upside down. His teaching also brings into question what we take as foundational. (Mark 13:1-8)

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The Widow’s Offering

Jesus commends the widow for offering all that she has to God. In the widow, we meet a reflection of God who has offered Himself to us in Jesus. (Mark 12:38-44)

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