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Sermons on “John”

The Spirit of Truth

God’s Spirit is active and busy in our lives. In this sermon, Fr. Colin explores Jesus’ promise of the Spirit and the role that the Spirit plays in our lives.

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Jesus Heals on the Sabbath

The lame man in this story may have been taking advantage of his physical malady—perhaps by asking for money. To be healed is to give up his only means of survival. Jesus’ pointed question—“Do you want to be made well?”—may also be intended for us to engage the challenge that all of us can more easily hold on to our disease, both physical and spiritual, as a piece of our identity, rather than surrender our lives fully to the healing grace of God.

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An Authentic Human

The Easter revolution has freed us to be authentic humans, the people God intended us to be, children of God and stewards of Creation. Hearing God’s voice and doing God’s will builds the Kingdom in our time and place.

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An Authentic Faith

What does it mean to have an authentic Easter faith?

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The Word Became Flesh

The fourth evangelist understands that God’s promise to be with God’s people wherever they go has now taken on a different representation in Jesus. (John 1:1-18)

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Christ is King

On this Sunday we celebrate that Christ is King. Not just the king of our hearts. Not only king of the Church. But king of heaven and earth. Today we step back to reflect on the kingdoms of this world and to consider who or what holds ultimate authority in our lives. (John 18:33-37)

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