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Sermons on “1 Corinthians”

Where is God to be found?

We have wonderful news. Jesus – his precious humanity, his death on the cross, his resurrection, these are the signs to us humans that God is here. It turns out, Jesus is the temple now. Jesus, crucified and risen, is where God is to be found. So, in the breaking of Jesus’ body in the bread of communion, God is here. In the body of Christ, the Church – the community of believers filled with Jesus’ spirit, God is here.

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Planting and Watering in God’s Kingdom

God is calling us to be fellow-workers with him in his Kingdom, but how? As we discern together as a congregation, we take time to receive God’s revelation, to prayerfully seek interpretation of the nudges we receive from God, and with the corporate wisdom of the community, to determine the application.

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To whom do we belong? 

This is where the urgency and joy of our life together comes from:  We are people who belong. We belong to Christ, and we belong to one another.  We are people in whom new life is being born.  So we have stories to tell – stories of our own healing, restoration, and reconciliation – stories to tell to those who are yearning for new life.

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The Gift of Love

Because of God’s faithfulness and love, we have the strength to develop into communities that carry out the loving, liberating works for which our world searches.

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Spiritual Gifts

We are reminded that in the end the gifts, the ministry, and the empowering of the community for service all belong to God.

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