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Dale Tipps

Dale grew up in the Methodist Church, but like so many other people at St. Paul’s, he became drawn to the beauty and reverence of Episcopal worship. Dale joined the Episcopal Church at St. George’s in Nashville in 1996. He and Angela joined St. Paul’s shortly after moving to Murfreesboro in 2000 and discovering a parish that was welcoming and striving to be the hands of Christ in the community. Since then, in addition to being unofficial support staff for the music program, Dale has served as a delegate for several diocesan conventions and as a member of the stewardship committee. He made his Cursillo journey more years ago than he cares to contemplate. In addition to the Vestry, Dale serves on the Youth Renovation Committee. He also recently chaired a vocational discernment committee for one of our church members considering ordination. In worship, Dale serves as a Lay Reader and hopes to join the choir on a full-time basis, once his parental pew-duties are over. In his work life, Dale studied church music in graduate school and worked in the church before going to law school. He practiced as an attorney in a law office for many years but has been a trial judge in the Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims since his appointment about three years ago. Angela and Dale have two great kids, Virginia (21) and Sam (14), and they are grateful to have raised them at St. Paul’s. They also share their home with an aging pug dog.

(Vestry term expires 12/31/2020)