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Outreach Policy

“Those who are generous are blessed, for they share their bread with the poor.” Proverbs 22:9

Outreach is essential to living out our faith as we work to show God’s love in the world. Each outreach program’s success relies on clearly conveying the need it serves, detailing how our members may participate, efficiently organizing all activities, and sharing its results with the parish. Outreach is also an evolving ministry. Innovative ideas and the willingness to implement them bring life to the mission of St. Paul’s.

If you’re inspired to reach out and serve others, here’s how to go about involving your parish family.

Parish-Sponsored Outreach Programs

An outreach program sponsored by St. Paul’s is an initiative approved by the Outreach Committee or Assistant to the Rector for Outreach. It is, in all respects, a parish-wide effort and offers opportunities for the entire congregation to participate in some way. The full support of the parish—both from its members and the leadership—means we will collectively make a more meaningful difference to the communities we serve. We promote parish-sponsored outreach programs in our announcements, bulletin, weekly eBlasts, website, etc.

If parish members participate in an outreach program individually and would like to ask St. Paul’s to sponsor it, they are welcome to present the program to the Outreach Committee and the Assistant to the Rector for Outreach. This presentation may be done in person at an Outreach Committee meeting, by appointment with the Assistant to the Rector for Outreach, or, if time is limited, as a written proposal emailed to the Outreach chairs and the Assistant to the Rector for Outreach.

If a program gets approved, the parish member seeking sponsorship becomes in charge of it with support from the Committee, which will assist the member to establish the program. The approval does not mean the Committee leads the program or becomes responsible for implementing it.

Individual Outreach Programs

If parish members want to inform others about a non-sponsored outreach program in which they participate, they may complete the form below for us to post online to our parishioner-to-parishioner outreach page. We hope this resource helps equip you as you share God’s love by making the world a better place.

If available, volunteers may want to visit to learn more before contacting you.