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Nursing Home & Hospital Visits

Every member at St. Paul’s may receive comfort, encouragement, and support during times of joy and times of sorrow through the various ministries for care and concern available within the parish.

The clergy and designated lay pastoral ministers visit our hospitalized and shut-in parishioners to bring them news of the parish, to pray with them, to provide sacramental care, and to be a reminder of God’s aiding presence.

Increasingly, hospitalizations are of a shorter and shorter duration. When you anticipate hospitalization, or when it occurs suddenly to you or someone you love, please email us or call the Church Office at 615-893-3780 to notify us of you or your loved one’s hospitalization. We will make every effort to visit you during your time of treatment and will include you in our parish prayers.

Unction of the Sick (Anointing)

Unction (or anointing) of the Sick is an act of healing, conveyed on both the sick and the dying. When this is administered on the deathbed, this traditionally has been called Extreme Unction (and often includes Holy Communion and Absolution). The sacrament consists of laying on of hands and anointing with oil along with appointed prayers from the Book of Common Prayer.

At St. Paul’s, Unction is available to anyone following each Sunday and Wednesday morning worship service. Any parishioner may request the ministry of a priest to receive Unction.