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Pilgrimage Class

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A Modern Day Pilgrims’ Welcome

Pilgrimage has always been an important part of the Christian faith. The desire of Christians to grow in their relationship with God is often described as a journey and going on pilgrimage is a way of letting the outward journey of our bodies enrich and enable the inner journeys of our hearts and minds.

St. Paul’s designed its Pilgrimage Class for:

  • Those new to the Christian faith, the Episcopal Church, or our parish
  • Adults seeking baptism or confirmation
  • Long-term members who want to deepen their faith and commitment
  • Anyone who is curious about how we live as Christians

We hold two nine-week sessions:

  • Fall (September through November)
    • What does it mean to be Anglican?
    • What does the Episcopal Church believe?
    • What do I believe?
    • How do I fit in?
  • Winter (January through March)
    • Living out our faith through St. Paul’s
    • Worshiping God
    • Sharing our story
    • Serving others

Requirements are simple: light reading, attending as many sessions as possible, asking questions, listening to others, and sharing your story.

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