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Annual Giving

Our Vision, Our Mission—making a financial commitment to the work of St. Paul’s is about living our mission—to worship God, bring all into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ, and equip all for ministry.

Consider the financial commitment required to have great worship services; do great work in the community; grow your family in the teachings of Christ and have the support of a faith community. Your generosity helps fund the engine that sustains St. Pauls’ mission and makes possible the ministries that cultivate our Christian life.

God is the giver of all good gifts and provider of all good things. We as a community want to be a part of God’s good works. As with the loaves and fishes, God blesses our gifts and multiplies them for the good of others.

Your financial support is crucial to our ministry and outreach at St. Paul’s.

Suggested Monthly Giving—To better help you reach the goal of tithing, take some time to review the chart below. Find the income level in the first column that most closely matches your income, and then follow the numbers horizontally to determine monthly levels of giving to the Church. Percentages are listed at the top with corresponding monthly tithing amounts below. Consider stepping up your giving by moving one or more columns to the right for your annual pledge.

Annual Income2%5%8%10%15%
$150K$250$625$1,000 $1,250 $1,875
$200K$333$833$1,333 $1,667 $2,500
$250K$417$1,042 $1,667 $2,083 $3,125
$300K$500$1,250 $2,000 $2,500 $3,750

The church takes its responsibilities toward proper stewardship of your gifts very seriously and wants complete transparency in those endeavors. Below is an information graphic that illustrates how the operating budget is divided among each ministry of the church. If you have additional questions about how the budget is allocated to the ministry departments, please contact the Business Office at 615-893-3780. All of St. Paul’s ministries and programs reflect our core values of worship, growth, service, and leadership. The Church’s operating budget is funded almost entirely by the annual commitments of parishioners. Additional sources of revenue include special gifts from parishioners.

Sources of Funds

$876,096 — Your Stewardship Campaign Commitments
$82,500 — Plate Offerings
$57,444 — Endowment Income
$4,500 — Other Income
$1,020,540 — Total income (projected) for 2020

Budgeted Use of Funds

These charts and the figures indicate how the church’s funds are divided among its ministry areas. The expenses include salaries and benefits for staff, church-wide technology and communication needs, capital resources used by our ministries, facility maintenance, and operating expenses.

How Your Gifts Are Used

25.6% — Worship

We grow in relationship with God through Worship. This ministry includes our clergy, music program, and worship teams.

9% — Fellowship

We bring seekers into the fellowship of the Church. This ministry includes welcoming newcomers, discovering and growing every member’s talents, and strengthening one another.

19.6% — Outreach

We bring the love of Christ to the broader community. This ministry offers humble care for the poor.

18.3% — Pastoral Care

We equip by maintaining the community of love. This ministry involves the concern and safety of our children, the elderly, and all our parish family.

27.5% — Discipleship

We equip for ministry, including our religious education for our children, youth, and adults.

Fulfill Your Commitment

The easiest way to fulfill your commitment is by setting up auto-payment when completing the online pledge form (found in your Realm account under Giving). However, if you submitted a pledge card by mail or by Docusign, or chose not to use auto-payment with your online pledge; you have a number of options to fulfill your pledge commitment listed below.

Online Bill Pay

Use your bankʼs Bill Pay service.

Check your bank’s website to see if they offer bill pay services. Follow their setup directions to add the church as a payee (use name and address below) and add recurring automatic payments.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
116 N Academy St, Murfreesboro, TN 37130


Convenient and secure online giving.

Make a one-time donation or set up a recurring gift for sustained support throughout the year. Choose credit, debit or bank account payments, and set the frequency for recurrences if applicable—weekly, monthly, biweekly, or bimonthly.


Generosity at your fingertips.

Text “GiveStPauls $75” (or any amount) to 73256 to get started.


Cash or check offering.

Mail us a check, or place cash or check in the offering plate on Sunday. Please designate “Annual Fund” on the check or envelope.


Mobile giving.

Download the Realm Connect app for your device.
Apple iOS or Android

St. Paul’s is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. Our federal tax ID number is 62-0799870. Please visit our Planned Giving page to learn about making arrangements for the transfer of stocks and other assets to St. Paul’s.

* Secure, confidential and convenient online transactions are accepted via the web, mobile, and text giving through the Realm Connect